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Glass 2  ~  Leon Qu    玻璃 2  ~  曲扬毅

Due to popular demand, we are release Qu’s sequel to his sold out first book.

US $15

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新出品   好评之作<玻璃>第二集


SPECS / 规格 :

Size 尺寸:20 x 13 cm

Pages 页码:24 (except “Da Qin Island” and “Wild Oats” have 28 pages, 除<大衾岛>和<Wild Oats>为28页)

Binding 装帧:staple bound 骑马钉, digitally printed on acid free paper  激光数码打印, 使用无酸纸印刷。

Limited Edition 限量印数:120 册,售完即止。

Each book is individually numbered, printed and hand-bound in Canada. 每册都带独立编号,加拿大印制和手工钉装。


We charge US $3.50 for the shipping of the first book. DIscount for multiple items. Sent by Canada Post – may take about two weeks to reach international destinations.

第一册 3.50 美元运费, 一次购买数册邮资有折扣优惠. 加拿大空邮寄运全球, 请预计需时约两周。

  1. *Plus shipping and handling fees 另加邮资。

中国顾客请注意: 由于最近住中国的航空邮件几次寄失, 我们虽然尽力保障远程畅顺,清楚填写地址等, 但不能保证邮件定能送到府上, 货品也只能发一次, 寄失后不会重发,非常抱憾歉,就此声明。

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sold out!
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