88Books is a Vancouver-based independent press specialized in artist’s books by emerging and lesser-known artists from China.  Committed to represent new voices, 88Books provides flexibility and freedom of expression to the participating artists and aims to foster the production of artist’s books, a relatively new concept in China. Each book is conceived and created uniquely by the Chinese artist but produced in our Vancouver studio.


New 中国Chinese 摄影Photography

88Books 是一所专注于中国艺术家书籍的独立出版社。2012年2月成立于温哥华, 我们致力展示一群优秀和新锐的创作者。自成立至今,我们推出了16位正在上升中和备受关注的摄影艺术家的作品, 欢迎浏览我们的书店目录

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Since February 2012, we have released 16 works by 16 up and coming as well as established photo-based artists who are making waves in the Chinese scene. As the country opens up, the artists are unraveling the influx of ideas.  Without concerns of market while enjoying their newfound freedom, the artists often work against the mainstream, in search for their own personal lexicon on art and life in China and beyond. 

Hot off the press !!! A new set of 6 books is now available. Please visit our online bookstore for more details.

Congratulations to Li Jun, winner of the grand prize of the 2013 Photo Awards given by the Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing. 88Books is the proud publisher of LI’s winning work, Impermanent Instant .

中国顾客请注意: 由于最近住国内的航空邮件几次寄失, 我们虽然尽力保障远程畅顺,清楚填写地址等, 但不能保证邮件定能送到府上, 货品也只能发一次, 寄失后不会重发,非常抱歉,就此声明。