Lin Zhipeng (a.k.a. No.223) is a photographer, curator and freelance writer based in Beijing.

He has contributed to numerous popular lifestyle and fashion magazines in China as editor and writer and has produced photo shoots for magazines such as Vice, S magazine, Glass, City Pictorial, iLOOK etc and brands such as United Nude, eno, Converse, Glaceau Vitamin Water, etc. He also produced video works such as SANSAR, SCENE, Xanthium, etc. In 2007 he published the independent fashion magazine project TOO and in 2005, 2006 and 2010 self-published three volumes of photography entitled My Private Broadway. His curatorial work includes the exhibitions TOO SHOT! Fashion×Photography in Get It Louder, Eco-matter,(2008) at ARRTCO in Beijing and vision music show Time, Dust, Hormone (2009) at Mao Live House in Beijing.

编号223 (又名林志鹏) 是国内摄影圈中众所周知的“坏小子” (bad boy / enfant terrible), 他的影像常常呈现新生代青年人的生活和国内外罕见的地下文化。他担任过不少时尚书报及品牌的摄影师, 也是独立策展人和自由作家.